Your domestic expenses, simplified

The first card for domestic workers to make household purchases on your behalf.

Stop counting change.

Set a weekly budget and monitor your household spend

Instant notifications when your helper spends

Set automatic top-ups from a payment method of your choice

"This has been great! I never want to go back to using cash”

- Amara, 32, Singapore Alpha tester

The JiPay Expense Card.

Select the number of cards you need and hand to your helper

Control and monitor spending in real time

Apple Pay and Google Pay supported

"JiPay saves me hours every month!
My helper never has any issues using the card."

- Anoushka, 36, Hong Kong Alpha product tester


Never reconcile another receipt.

See reports in real-time and keep up with your monthly spending.

Filter spending by category, location and merchant.

Change budget or freeze the card at any time.

Coming soon: JiPay Payroll.

The first end-to-end payroll system for you and your helper

Pay your helper directly onto a card issued in their name. 

Integrated low-cost international transfers so your helper can easily send money home to their family. 

Transfer to e-wallets, bank accounts, or local cash pickup points across Southeast Asia.