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JiPay makes it easy for your helper to do your shopping.

The free card for your helper to buy your groceries.


Take control of your household spending - for free!

Free card for your helper to buy groceries.

Instant notifications when your helper spends.

Top up easily with FAST or PayNow.

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"It's a complete game changer!"

- Tanu, 32, Singapore

The JiPay Mastercard.


Issued by Mastercard:
accepted in all major stores.

Supports contactless and online payments.

Order multiple cards for multiple helpers.

"My card arrived the next day - I'm super impressed!

- Ellen, 36, Singapore

JiPay gives you peace of mind.

All transactions are secured by MasterCard.


For your helper, too.

Your helper can sign into the app to see the balance left on the card.

Alerts for you and your helper if your balance falls low.

You can both freeze the card at any time.

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No more cash accounting.

Understand your household spending better.

See transactions broken down by merchant and spend.

Weekly spending report prepared for your household.

CCMF Grantee