How to top up your JiPay card.

Your first three top ups in each calendar month are free, with each extra top up costing $0.50.

To start, go to the home screen. Select "Top Up", then select the card you would like to top up. Enter the amount you would like to top up, then follow the instructions below for either FAST, PayNow or GrabPay.

Note: Kindly do not top up through bill payment to the 16 digit card number or between JiPay users as we will not be able to match your top-up to your account.

Using FAST:

Select "FAST Transfer". 

You'll be presented with a summary of your top up details. Press "Make Payment" to continue, or "Change Top-up Method" to top up via another method instead.

Open your online banking app, and make a transfer of the desired amount to the account details given in step 3. Your account will be credited instantly. 




That's it! You're ready to go!