The First Expense Card for Your Helper

If you employ one of Singapore’s 200,000 helpers, you probably know that managing them is not always smooth sailing, especially when it comes to money.

Perhaps you forgot to run to the ATM to give your helper cash for groceries, or maybe you’ve completely lost track of how much you've given them for this week’s shopping.

Having a helper can feel like running your own small business, but now there’s a company that can give you the tools you deserve to keep on top of things.

Singaporean startup JiPay is looking to make your life easier with the JiPay Expense Card — the first dedicated card for helpers to make purchases on behalf of their employers. The card is issued by Mastercard and can be used anywhere by your helper — for groceries, laundry, and anything else.

Setting up is easy. Just download the app and set a weekly budget for your helper. Then hand the card over and relax. You’ll be notified every time a transaction is made and updated with a spending report every week. No more ATM trips and time wasted counting change and receipts.

If you want to give yourself peace of mind and give your helper independence in the process, just sign up to JiPay’s waiting list to get a one-month free trial when the Expense Card launches in Singapore in May 2021.

Stay tuned for more updates, or visit JiPay at

The JiPay Expense Card Launches in Singapore in May 2021. Sign up to the waitlist for a one-month free trial at launch.