How you can make money every month by spending with JiPay

Many families’ everyday shopping is done by their helper, either by giving them cash or reimbursing them via PayNow. While this often saves families time and trips to the grocery store, this also means that these families are losing out on cashback rewards on all of the money that their helper spends.

This is where JiPay’s cashback scheme comes in to solve this problem!

The JiPay cashback scheme launched in April is a fantastic way to save money, simply by shifting your and your helper’s spending to a JiPay card. For each card transaction that your spender makes at hundreds of eligible merchants*, you receive 1.5% of what they spend back into your account at the end of the month. Some families using JiPay for their household expenses have already managed to make back over $50 each month!

How much our users have saved using the cashback scheme

Over the past 2 months, one of our power users has been able to accumulate over $90 of cashback by adding a second card to her account for her helper. In April and May, she was able to save $55 and $36 simply by using her JiPay card to pay at restaurants and for transportation (did you know that JiPay rewards all public transportation and taxi trips?) and by sending her helper to do any shopping with her card. This allowed her to earn cashback credits in stores that she often shops at. Drug stores and laundry services were her main sources of cashback earnings because she sent her helper to make any purchases in these stores with her JiPay card!

At the rate that she's going, this user will save $540 on her purchases by the end of 2022 without any extra effort on her end. That extra cash can go towards her everyday expenses, or she can use it for a special splurge.

How the cashback scheme can save you money

Cashbacks for each card are capped at $30 per month. For a family that has 3 cards - one for the parents, one for their child and one for their helper - a $30 cashback on each card means that the family can get back $90 every month!

$90 every month for a year is $1080 saved just by using a JiPay card to spend.

$1080, that can get you:

  • A return trip to Manila for a family of 4**

  • The latest iPad Air***

  • A couple's massage at the Marina Bay Sands' Banyan Spa ****

Or just $1080 less for you to spend on the things you love to buy.

Next time you're out shopping, use your JiPay card to spend and start saving for that next treat for yourself and your family!

About JiPay

JiPay is an app for families to manage their helper's and kid's expenses.

It comes with a free prepaid Mastercard for your helper to do your shopping.

Earn 1.5% cashback at eligible merchants when you pay with your JiPay card.

Click here to get the app!


** As seen on Skyscanner:

*** iPad Air 5th Generation 64GB