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How to Manage your Child’s Pocket Money

In the world of online gaming, it’s not uncommon for children and teens to spend money on skins, coins and weapons to stand a higher chance at winning and gaining popularity. For one parent, though, the new year kicked off on a startling note as he discovered an outrageous SG$20,000 credit card bill thanks to his daughter’s in-game spending spree.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many parents, where their children might exceed their gaming budget from time to time. Managing your child’s gaming expenses can be tricky as you balance work, household chores and bills, giving opportunities for such unanticipated surprises to happen.

How can you prevent this problem?

It’s important to teach your child financial management skills from an early age. Also, it’s equally important to track your child’s expenses in a hassle-free way - the last thing any parent would want is additional stress in monitoring their kids!

This is where JiPay comes to the rescue. The JiPay app allows you to top-up a dedicated amount of pocket money for your child. This way, there is always a safe limit to how much your child can spend. With repeated use, your child will begin to manage their allowance better, spending only on what is necessary until their next allowance. You will also be aware of how much you are allocating for your child each time you top-up. To make life easier, you can make recurring top-ups via GrabPay to avoid repeated manual top-ups!

The app automatically notifies you when your child’s balance is low and captures all spending patterns into the Insights page. For extra security, you can freeze your child’s JiPay card if it gets lost, or if you notice any unusual transactions like overspending within short time periods.

Manage your child’s pocket money better today by downloading the JiPay app for free. Share your feedback and enquiries with us! We’re happy to improve the experience for you and your child.

About JiPay

JiPay is an app for families to manage their helper's and kid's expenses.

It comes with a free prepaid Mastercard for your helper to do your shopping.

Click here to get the app!

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