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How to maintain trust between helper and employer

The topic of trust is common in the helper and employer community. Naturally, a helper-employer relationship based on mutual trust will enhance the overall experience for both parties.

As an employer, you give money to your helper and expect her to spend the money honestly and often gather receipts to confirm this.

As a helper, you receive money from your employer to buy groceries and other household items, but perhaps your employer forgot how much he/she gave you and accused you of stealing. Or perhaps you forgot to father the receipt, so you have no proof of what you bought.

In light of this article, where a helper was accused of stealing money from her employer, many employers naturally may fear the same.

So, what are some ways to build trust between a helper and employer? Keep reading to find out.

1. Understand that anecdotes don’t define reality

An important part of creating a relationship based on trust between a helper and employer is to note that although theft does occur, it is definitely not the norm. Even though your concerns and worries are valid, helper-employer burglary is much less common than you think! Realising this will help employers to not have any unnecessary stress or suspicion about their helpers, preventing them from making inappropriate assumptions about them or assuming the worst of their behaviour.

2. Keep track of finances

Keeping track of finances is important for both the helper and employer, whether that be via taking notes, gathering receipts, using an expense tracker (tag JiPay), etc. It is imperative to have some sort of expense tracking system in place as it helps to keep both parties accountable, reducing risk of misunderstandings and eliminating doubt.

3. Opt for tech based solutions

Keeping up with receipts and manually tracking expenses can be tedious, but luckily there are some tech-based alternatives that are more accurate and efficient.

Using budgeting or other money management apps can make your life a lot easier when tracking finances. Apps like JiPay, for instance, come with a prepaid Mastercard which employers can periodically top-up for their helpers and see every transaction made on the card. This way, expense tracking is clear and easy, and there is no room left for uncertainty or suspicion.

Try JiPay

You can use apps like JiPay as an all-in-one solution to money management. It is a free app and prepaid Mastercard that makes it easy for helpers and employers to manage their finances. The employer tops up the JiPay card and gives it to his or her helper to use for any expenses needed in the household. The expense tracker eliminates the need for receipts and thus makes it easy for an employer to trust his or her helper.

You also have an “Insights'' tab, which displays your spending habits, so that you can know exactly how much you are spending on what. The JiPay app also helps you with budgeting your money, since you cannot spend more than you top-up!

Download the JiPay app for free today on the App Store and Google Play!

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