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How to Build Trust with Your Helper

For many first-time employers, the idea of having a helper can be intimidating. She is not a family member with whom you can share intimate moments, but she is in the house 24/7. Therefore, building trust is essential to make both you and your helper comfortable. Here are some tips for you to build a better relationship with your helper.

1. Respect Privacy

At times, it can be easy to forget that your helper is an employee who has the right to personal time and space after work. This is why you should allow your helper to close her room door and enjoy her time off without distractions. Don’t barge into or set up cameras in her room. She should also be allowed to keep her personal belongings like financial and travel documents. In return, ask your helper to respect your privacy. Communicate rules like avoiding looking over your documents or touching valuable belongings.

2. Encourage Communication

Perhaps the toughest part of being a domestic helper is leaving behind your family and going abroad alone. Try to treat your helper like a family member, encourage communication, and let her know that you’re ready to offer her a listening ear or hand. Similarly, you should communicate clearly with her about your expectations. Write down a list of tasks for the day and make sure she understands.

3. Independence

Giving your helper independence shows that you trust her. With a JiPay card, your helper can shop for you without the hassle of handling cash and receipts. At the same time, you can ensure that your helper is only purchasing what you need by monitoring real-time updates in the app. No more running to the ATM, no more arguing over lost receipts. JiPay is the perfect tool to build trust between you and your helper.

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JiPay is an app for everyone to manage their household expenses, no matter where they are.

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