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5 Ways to Make Your Helper Happier

Helpers work very hard to look after our homes and families and over the past months some JiPay customers have asked us about what they can do to thank their helpers. Here are some ways you can brighten up your helper's day.

A bonus:

It goes without saying that a financial bonus goes a long way to making your helper’s life easier. Now is a great time to give your helper a little extra thank-you for the work they’ve done this year.

A day off:

A helper’s life can be stressful. Away from their families for long periods of time, even a couple of extra days off could make a great difference to her happiness and mental health. The next time that things are relatively quiet around the house, consider giving your helper a rejuvenating break.

A trip home:

Perhaps the hardest part of being a domestic worker is leaving your family behind in your home country. A trip home is one of the best gifts that you can give your helper, who may struggle to afford the trip without help. If you have a quieter period at home or indeed, if you take a trip yourself, this could be a great time to reward your helper with a trip to see her family.

A surprise gift:

Helpers’ lives can get pretty monotonous, so a surprise gift is a great way to cheer your helper up and help break the routine of everyday life. It could be something as simple as a voucher for a local restaurant, or perhaps a gift card for some online shopping. Anything you choose would be a welcome surprise for your helper.


Do you wish that your hardworking helper could be more independent? This applies particularly when it comes to financial matters. Nobody likes having to go to the ATM to give cash to their helper for groceries and other household purchases; even less enjoyable is counting all the change and receipts afterward. Subscribing to a household expense service like JiPay will take a good deal of the burden off both you and your helper.

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JiPay is an app for everyone to manage their household expenses, no matter where they are.

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