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Can I hire a Second Helper?

When your helper is in charge of managing the children, cleaning the house, and cooking your meals, it can be a lot for her to handle. Having an extra pair of hands will make her life much easier and help increase the quality of her work.

As hiring FDWs in Singapore is becoming more and more common, more households have opted to have 2 or more maids to help out with caretaking on top regular household chores. According to the Straits Times, 8,000 employers have more than one maid at home.

However, not everyone is eligible for the luxury of two extra pairs of hands at home. Below are some guidelines if you are thinking about hiring a second maid.

Who can hire a second helper?

According to the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower (MOM), you may be eligible to hire a second helper if you have:

  • At least 2 children below 18 years old.

  • A parent or parent-in-law over 60 years old

that currently live/reside with you. It is also required that you have the adequate sleeping space and accommodation for the two FDWs.

What is the process like?

To apply for a Work Permit application for a second maid, you will have to submit a copy of your children’s birth certificates or a copy of the parent or parent-in-law’s identity cards and your spouse’s birth certificate. This can typically be arranged by the agency you hire through.

How much does it cost?

Costs of hiring a second FDW would be the same as hiring one FDW. Keeping in mind your expenses may essentially double as you are required to pay a salary, a levy, and provide for accommodation.

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