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JiPay Remit

Looking for an easy way to send money to your home country online? JiPay Remit is your answer for money remittance in Singapore!

Forget about standing in line

No need to pay bus fare and stand in a long queue just to send money home on Sunday. Do it from the JiPay app in just a few clicks.

JiPay-remit-Phone Mockup.png
Amazing exchange rates

You spend less and your family will receive more money.

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Transfer money overseas

Send money quickly online to

your family straight from the JiPay app.


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The remittance service is as fast as you can do. The Peso value rate is higher compared to other remittances. I am just a beginner using this JiPay but I love it and enjoyed everything I could use.

Mary Grace


Get started with easy remittances today!

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