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JiPay Personal Account and Mastercard

JiPay Personal is the first personal account and prepaid debit card for migrant workers in Singapore!

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Receive your salary on JiPay

Ask your employer to pay directly onto your JiPay personal account. It’s free for them and for you, and you will receive the money instantly.

Spend in Singapore with JiPay

Your blue Mastercard is accepted in stores, online and on the bus or MRT. Just tap to PayWave - no need to memorise the pin.

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You don't need POSB anymore

Sign up for a free JiPay Personal Account and prepaid debit card.

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Get paid with one tap

Share your JiPay account details with your employer or friends on WhatsApp, and they can bank transfer to you in just one click.


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Freeze your card

Temporarily freeze your JiPay blue Mastercard in one click in the app if the card is lost or stolen. No need to call the hotline. And if you need a replacement card we will send it for free!

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Use PayNow at small shops

Going to Lucky Plaza or the wet market? Small shops take PayNow. Click “Pay” in your JiPay app and scan their QR code or enter the PayNow details.

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What are you waiting for?

Remitting Money?

Check out our new money remittance feature, and send money home with low fees!

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