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Quick insights at your fingertips

Understand how your money is being spent.


We bring you total transparency on your family’s spending.

As busy bees, a peace of mind is what you need where expenses are concerned. To melt your stress away, head to the Insights tab within the app.

JiPay-Insights-phone mockup.png
For employers

Get an idea of how much your helper is spending on your grocery items and grocery shopping-related bus and MRT trips.

  • The JiPay app classifies spending by merchant to provide you a snapshot of which stores take up most of your budget.

  • Receive weekly and monthly spending trends on a chart and make budgeting for groceries easier for yourself.

For parents
  • Gain insights into your child’s spending habits while they’re still young.

  • Identify bad spending habits early and monitor their expenses on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Make budgeting for your child’s allowances easier for yourself.

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