The expense card for your helper.

Our cards are accepted everywhere, with transactions secured by MasterCard.

Save time and build trust with your helper with JiPay, in three simple steps:

1. Download the JiPay app and set a weekly budget.

2. Hand the JiPay Expense card to your helper.

3. Get notified whenever they make a purchase. 

It's that simple!

JiPay set up

Give your helper independence.

Your helper can also download the JiPay app, where they can sign in and see the remaining balance on the Expense Card.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is JiPay accepted?

JiPay is accepted at any point of sale where MasterCard cards or Apple Pay are accepted, meaning that your helper can use JiPay at almost every store. 

Is JiPay a bank?

No, we are not a bank. We use e-wallet technology to store funds and issue JiPay cards. JiPay Expense cards are classified as prepaid cards in issued your name, not debit cards or credit cards for your helper. 

Will JiPay affect my credit score?

No, as JiPay is not a credit card for your helper or for you, JiPay will not affect your credit score. 

How do I join?

We are launching in Singapore and Hong Kong in early 2021. Go to our Sign Up page to get an extended free trial when we launch!