JiPay: for Parents / Employers 


First, make sure you've got the app:

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1.   Create an account with your email or mobile number:

For email: If you don’t receive an email, make sure to check your Junk folder!

For mobile: Don’t forget to enter your country code with a plus sign when signing up!

You'll then be prompted to set a passcode. This will be used to log in to the app, and should be different from the PIN you set for your card later. 

2. Verify your identity:

As we handle payments, we are required to verify your identity - just follow the instructions on the screen.  You will need to scan any form of government ID, and then take a selfie.


This process should be complete within 10 minutes. You'll then be prompted to enter your shipping address so we can mail your card to you.

 Tip: make sure that your ID is fully visible, and that you are not wearing a mask when you are taking your selfie.

3. Invite your kid / helper:

Select Spenders in the navigation bar,  then “Add Spender' to assign the card to your kid / helper. You can either scan the QR or input a code that your spender should enter when they sign up. We highly recommend that your spender uses the app too so that they can user PayNow, see the remaining balance on the card and all past transactions.

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Important:  You can freeze and unfreeze your card at any time by selecting the card from the Home tab, then selecting "Freeze" or "Unfreeze". 

4. Make your first top-up with FAST, PayNow or GrabPay:

If you are using PayNow, make sure to screenshot the QR code on your phone to make the payment from your banking app. If you are using FAST or GrabPay, simply transfer the funds directly from your bank account or wallet.

And you’re all set! Your helper can use the JiPay card to shop for you and you can both keep track of all transactions.