Getting started is free and easy!

1. Download the app here.

2. Sign up and invite your helper to the app so she can see the card's balance. We will send your card in the mail.

3. Top-up the card with FAST or PayNow, and hand it over to your helper! 

Need help signing up? See our detailed guides here:

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Give your helper independence.

Your helper can also download the JiPay app, where they can sign in and see the remaining balance on the Expense Card.

Frequently asked questions:

Where is JiPay accepted?

JiPay is accepted anywhere where MasterCard is accepted, meaning that your helper can use JiPay at almost every store. 

Why do I need to verify my identity to use the app?

As we handle money, we are required by law to check your documents. Your data will be processed securely and will only be used for identity verification purposes.

Why does my helper need to download the app?

She will be able to see the balance left on the card so that she can request for a top-up when required. She will also be able to view and search for past transactions. She can also freeze the card if it is misplaced or lost.

Can I change my PIN?

To change your PIN, simply follow these steps:

  1. Press the ⓘ button on the card on the Home screen.

  2. Select “Update PIN”.

  3. Set your new PIN as desired.

Why does it say I am sending money to Rapyd Holdings when I top up?

Rapyd is our payments partner and enables us to top up your JiPay card securely.

Can my spouse see my helper’s spending?

Your partner can log into JiPay on their device using the same email address or mobile number that you used while signing up. We are working on making personalised access available for you and your spouse.

Can I have a second card for my second helper?

If you would like another card for your second helper, reach out to us through the app as this feature has not been released yet. This feature will officially be released later this year. 

What do I do if the card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost, click on the ⓘ button on the card and freeze the card so that no more transactions can be made. If you would like to permanently disable the card, click on “Remove card” and report card lost or stolen. Your helper can also freeze the card.

Once you remove your original card, you will be prompted to order a replacement card. This will be sent to you free of charge. The balance from your previous card will be transferred onto your new card, and you will still be able to access information about your old transactions.

If you don’t want to order a replacement card and want to inquire about the balance on your old card, please contact support.

What do I do if my helper is leaving?

If your helper is leaving, you will have to disable your card and order a replacement card for your new helper. A new card is necessary for security purposes.

Click on Subscription Details on your Account tab. Select the red bin icon next to your card to remove the card and choose “I don’t need this card anymore”.

Next, click “Order Replacement Card”. This will be sent to you free of cost. Your balance from your previous card will be transferred onto your new card and you will still be able to access information about your old transactions.

How does JiPay’s referral scheme work?

Follow these three steps to refer your friends and get rewarded:

  1.  Get your referral code from your profile.

  2.  Your friend enters your code when they sign up.

  3.  After they’ve made their first transaction, you’ll each get a $10 credit on your JiPay card, which you can spend anywhere you like!