JiPay for your helper

Managing your helper’s household expenses has never been easier.

JiPay Helper
JiPay Family is secure and simple

Freeze the card instantly at any time if it is lost or stolen. Your helper can freeze the card too. No need to call the hotline. And if you need a replacement card, we will send it for free.

Never run to the ATM for cash

Instant card top ups via PayNow, FAST or GrabPay, so you don’t have to run to the ATM when she runs out of money.

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PayWave for faster payments

Your helper does not need to memorise your PIN number for smaller transactions! Just tap to pay.


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Stay home while your helper shops with JiPay Family

Order an orange JiPay Mastercard for free and pass it to your helper to do the groceries. Get app notifications instantly whenever they make a purchase.


Both you and your helper will be able to see the card balance and spending patterns.

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PayNow at wet market and small shops

Wet markets and small shops accept PayNow islandwide. Your helper can click “Pay” in their JiPay app and scan the shop’s QR code, or enter the PayNow details.

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Pay your helper’s salary on JiPay with ease

Ask your helper to create a free JiPay Personal Account. Pay their salary into their personal account in just one tap via bank transfer. 


It’s free for them and for you. Your helper will be able to transfer money overseas from her JiPay app and spend her own money via a blue JiPay Mastercard.


Note: your Family balance and her Personal balance will always be separated.

What are you waiting for?


Order a JiPay Family card today.