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JiPay Family-Cooking

JiPay for your kids

Managing your child’s pocket money just got easy. JiPay is the prepaid debit card for kids!

Teach your child financial skills early

The Insights tab helps you and your child understand their weekly and monthly spending habits. 

Teach your child to save money 

JiPay is the savings account for your kid. Your child can start saving for big purchases and make withdrawals anytime safely.

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JiPay Family is secure and simple

Freeze the card instantly at any time if it is lost or stolen. Your child can freeze the card too. No need to call the hotline. And if you need a replacement card, we will send it for free.

Never run to the ATM for cash

Quick card top ups via PayNow, FAST or GrabPay, so you don’t have to run to the ATM to give your child physical cash!

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PayWave for faster payments

Your child does not need to memorise your PIN number! Just tap to pay.


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Simplify weekly allowance rituals

Wave goodbye to giving your child a weekly cash allowance and replace it with JiPay! Set up automatic Grab top-ups within the app. 

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PayNow at wet market and small shops

Wet markets and small shops accept PayNow islandwide. Your child can click “Pay” in their JiPay app and scan the shop’s QR code, or enter the PayNow details. JiPay is also the best card for helpers.

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Use the card overseas

Jetting off for the holidays? The JiPay card can be used overseas as well, at any merchant that accepts Mastercard.

Use as an EZ-Link 

Ditch the traditional EZ-Link card. Your child can use the JiPay card to tap at MRT and bus stations islandwide.

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What are you waiting for?


Order a JiPay Family card today.

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